Let me just start off by saying that the Shakespeare Geek is an actual personal hero of mine.  I’ve read and commented on his intelligent, learned, playful and inspiring blog posts at his site which he’s maintained since 2005, he’s a man truly dedicated to his passion, and not one to go for a quick buck either – his iPhone app ShakeShare is another of his labours of love – a fantastically entertaining little treasure trove of quotes and jokes and puns and one-liners by and about our favourite playwright.

So when I discovered that he had written about us – and begun his post with the words,

I think that Daeshin Kim would be fun to hang out with

well, I was thrilled! In fact that first sentence was the only thing in the entire blog post that he was wrong about – everything else is pure gold! Thank you so much, sir, for taking the time to look at our work and to write about it!