Just in case you missed it, a great honour for us and our project: KinderBard can now be found in O’Reilly Media‘s curated page, among their exclusive list of innovative projects!

It’s strange to see Shakespeare featured among geiger counters and engineering toys, but I’ll be the first to admit that our idea of bringing Shakespeare to young children using the highest quality music and the most widely used advanced platform (the iPad) does have innovation as part of its essence. This concept of having children fall in love with our songs and then interact with Shakespeare characters to hear actual quotations spoken to them could not have been dreamed of without technology.

This is an especial honour because O’Reilly Media is one of only ten organizations (including Time Magazine and TED Talks) to have a curated page on Kickstarter! Thank you O’Reilly Media, and especially Kat Meyer and Brady Forrest for making this happen!