Here’s a little story about the kinds of amazing people you meet through the experience of running a Kickstarter campaign.

You already know how fellow backer Robert Young wrote the foreword to our book. Well, we got to know Mary Carrig, another backer, who introduces children to Shakespeare through her Inside Shakespeare workshop, runs a Shakespeare bootcamp for kids every summer, and is the artistic director of the Conejo Valley Shakespeare Society, a youth Shakespeare company.

Mary is an accomplished actress herself, and we started talking about how I planned to gather a group of talented actors to record the voices speaking Shakespeare quotes for our upcoming app. Then she asked if we had considered using children’s voices to speak the quotes.

To be honest, I really hadn’t thought of this. I was aware of lots of kids’ apps that used children’s voices, and I liked a lot of them, but I had never really thought it would be possible to find the kind of talent needed to entrust with the responsibility of introducing Shakespearean language to little children. And that’s when she suggested that I meet with the actors of the Conejo Valley Shakespeare Society.

This is a group of children aged between 10 and 18, who are bright and enthusiastic learners, and already accomplished performers. And Mary has helped instill into these children a real love for Shakespeare, and a level of passion and performance that is extraordinary to see. They organized a special presentation for us to show off their talents, and we were absolutely astounded by them.

So I just wanted to say thank you to Mary, thank you to CVSS, and I wanted to announce that we will be working to incorporate these children into our app so that we can showcase a combination of amazing adult and child performers in order to breed a new generation of young lovers of Shakespeare!