Where can I get the best art supplies in Mumbai?

Where can I get the best art supplies in Mumbai? Aug, 2 2023

Setting the Pace: Brushes, Easels, and Charcoal

Mumbai, India, we have a lot to talk about! Let's cut to the chase, where are the best places in Mumbai to get great art supplies that won't wipe clean your wallet? As you might know, the world of art supplies can be a vast, intriguing, and occasionally bewildering place. Much like when churning a fresh cup of chai, it is essential to know your ingredients, and the same goes for art supplies.

From canvases to crayons, I've had my fingers muddled in all sorts of artistic pies. Fun fact: during my time at art school in Melbourne, I once spent an entire semester's budget on just paint! Note to self: don't fall asleep while online shopping. So, with my blunders and experiences, I'll guide you like a beacon towards the best art shops in Mumbai.

First Stop: Himalaya Fine Art

At Himalaya Fine Art, you'd think you'd ascended to art heaven. This store is a treasure trove. Whether you're looking for easels, paints, or canvases, they've got it all, and more. Visit them on 79 Palton Road, Mumbai. Just a word of advice: try not to act like a kid in a candy store. I know, easier said than done!

Did you know, the average human uses four different colored pencils per art project? But, I bet Sammy, my golden retriever, could chew his way through five in minutes. Now imagine if every art project required a fresh set? Even Sammy would struggle to keep up. Himalaya Fine Art, with its vast assortment, certainly tries to cover the needs of every art lover, regardless of the scale of their work!

The Magical Aisle: Art Station

Art Station in Mumbai is an art supply shop brimming with cheap but high-quality materials for both professionals and amateurs alike. Look for it at 3, Kakad Arcade, Opp. shoppers stop, S. V. Road, Bandra West, Mumbai. An appeal? Well, they even sell 24k gold leaf that could make even King Midas blush!

On a side note, remember when I did an entire pop-art series using nothing but glitter glue? Art Station reminded me so much of that time as they have aisles and aisles of glittering surprises. If you want to add a sparkle to your artwork (literally), this is your place to go. Just make sure you don't get too bedazzled!

Crystal Art Point: The Art Oasis

Art Point, at Raghuleela Mall, Kandiwali West, Mumbai, is a veritable oasis for art enthusiasts. Hop in here for an array of supplies ranging from acrylic paints, quality brushes, pastels, and sketch pads - all at wallet-friendly prices. My visit here was both an adventure and a relief, knowing that quality didn't have to come at a daunting price.

Having graded Sammy, my golden retriever, in a painting competition a while back, I can testify that the brush can make or break artwork. So, make wise choices, and don't forget to sniff around for special brushes in this shop. Remember, every brush strokes differently, and that can bring vast differences to your art world!

Paradise Found: Anupam Stationery Shop

Over at Anupam Stationery Shop, located at Linking Road, Bandra west, Mumbai, it's an artist’s paradise. They have everything an artist needs and more. And yes, I mean more. They've got things I didn't even realize were a must-have for artists until I saw them.

But, here's the interesting part. Did you know - artists on average use about 100 sheets of sketch paper a month? And I honestly feel that may not even be enough for some - artists, you know yourself! I couldn't help but chuckle remembering how Sammy would doubtless strut over to an unattended sketch pad and assume it was a new bed for him. But don't sweat it! Anupam Stationery can definitely meet your sketching needs without straining your budget!

Art Lounge: Enriching the Palate

Moving on, Art Lounge is the creme de la creme! Situated at New Marine Lines, Churchgate, Mumbai, it is no doubt a hub for miscellaneous art resources. When I walked into this store, I was blown away by the variety. I mean, certain shades of hues they housed, I didn't even know existed!

Even for the consummate artist, this place is capable of dishing surprises. Here, take a tip from me. If ever you find yourself stuck in a color rut, take my advice and observe nature. Yep, nature! Like that time Sammy and I watched the sunset on a Melbourne beach. The array of colors were mesmerizing - reminding me of the diverse palette that Art Lounge offers!

Okay folks, that's all for today. Keep growing, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep creating. After all, life is too short not to make beautiful things... right, Sammy?