Following in Footsteps

Sherman’s begun composing! She was reading a book by Julia Donaldson she’d borrowed from the library, and in it there were words to a song without music. Naturally, she began setting those words to her own melody. You can watch the video HERE.

We’re back!

We’re back in Paris, after two months of hibernation in England, during which we reached the final stages of our KinderBard project, and even found time for a pilgrimage to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace…

(By the way, how cool is it that Bob Dylan is releasing his new album next month to coincide with the 50th anniversary of his debut, and he’s calling this one: Tempest?)

I mention Bob Dylan because for me, he’s my other Bard, and you’ll see his influence in our song sung by Caliban (yes, coincidentally from The Tempest), which I wrote in an angry protest folk song style. We’ve already recorded the guitar (performed by the wonderful Olivier Villaudy) but we really wanted to add a harmonica, and a wonderful harmonica player returns to Paris from touring in early September, and we’ve booked him to come into the studio as soon as he returns.

Thereafter, we’re all set for our mastering session on September 3, after which all that’s left is to consolidate all our materials and send them off to the publisher.  Six to eight weeks later, you’ll see the fruits of our labour and your support, at the end of October as scheduled…

Just wanted to keep you in the loop!

  • Last Day in Studio
  • Last Day in Studio

Happy Summer Holiday!

Congratulations to Sherman who today recorded the last of her songs for our as yet untitled KinderBard volume 1 album. Now she can have a great summer break in England – she deserves it!

Special Offer June 2 & 3 Only: $8

To celebrate all the amazing publicity we’ve received, we have a very special offer for this weekend only! If you pledge $8 towards our Kickstarter Campaign you will not only become part of a wonderful group of fellow supporters of this worthwhile project, but you will also receive the iPad app (or any other digital product of your choice: eBook or digital music album). Hurry! Offer ends on June 3!

Also, people have been asking exactly what our product is, so we’ve made this short and informative presentation to reveal the contents – there’s also a sneak preview of a new song sung by Sherman:

Oh, in case you were wondering what all this great publicity is, we got a mention on’s GeekMom blog, an article in the leading Korean American journal KoreAm, and a lovely mention in the Everyday Shakespeare blog.  We’ve also had tweets from celebrity backer Cory Silverberg and the Folger Shakespeare Library!

  • Bus Palladium
  • Jess at Le Bus

Le Bus Palladium


Amazing concert at Le Bus Palladium. Lots and lots of people. Friends, colleagues, fans. Jess King blew everyone away with her energy, her dynamism, her connection, and of course her extraordinary voice. We played a couple of new songs, in all-new arrangements.

On the far left (you can only see my shoulder – I’m wearing a white shirt) is me, on keyboards is Vassilis Varvaresos, on drums Aurelien Lefebvre, on bass guitar Thierry Jean-Pierre, and on acoustic guitar Ralph Lavital. Special thanks to my friends Stefano & Cristina Predieri, and Eric & Juliana Uzan for coming. Photo by Charlotte Gerald.

Petit Concert


Just another small performance in preparation for the big one at the end of the month.  Jess debuted some great new songs, and we had the genius Vassilis Varvaresos on keyboards.  At the Flûte Bar near the Arc de Triomphe.  Photo by Ole Marius Dahl.

Sherman Loves Eric and Olivier

What an experience for Sherman!  Since her recent session at the recording studio, she’s been building recording studios with Lego, she’s been singing continuously, and today she drew this lovely picture.  I mailed it to the guys.

Response to Videos

Well, the emails and responses have been streaming in!  Here are some highlights:

Sherman has the voice of an angel!

You have hit on something here!

As soon as the app is out, let me know, because I want it!

It’s Just a Name (sung by Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet”)

I didn’t intend to make a video of this one, but I had some footage left over, so I cobbled this together.

I Don’t Know What to Say (sung by Cordelia from “King Lear”)

This is it!  Sherman’s singing debut!