• Sherman meets Eric & Olivier
  • 120406 Studio Visit 2 (iPhone4)

Recording Studio Visit

So this is a sneaky thing I did.  I’d already arranged for my daughter, Sherman, to record some samples in the recording studio tomorrow, but I didn’t tell her.  Instead, I took her to the studio today to meet the guys (Eric and Olivier) and just hang out and feel comfortable there.  She had such a great time!  She tried playing all sorts of guitars and percussive instruments, the guys really entertained her, and in the end, she didn’t want to leave!  She said she wanted to live there!  So I asked her,

How would you like to come back tomorrow, maybe sing a few of daddy’s songs?

That really excited her.  She was practising the songs all the way home on the metro, and all evening too…

Daeshin’s Paris Debut

My first gig in Paris.  The wonderful and awesomely talented Jess King on vocals and keyboard, and me on electric cello.  At the Mona Bismarck American Center for Art & Culture.  Great crowd!  Thanks to everyone who came!  Photo by Youngsik Park.

First Compositions

We’ve been making some initial recordings of some of the songs.  Garageband on the iMac will do for now.  We’ve come up with a really cool concept for the arrangements.  Although the songs themselves are ‘popular’ in feel (they are like lullabies, or ballads, or jaunty pop songs), we’re using lutes and harpsichords here and there to give them a little Elizabethan feel.  It’s working nicely.  Also, instruments are chosen to represent not only the mood of the song, but also the ‘character’ of the character singing – fanfare trumpets for Henry V, a little music box sound for little Perdita (from The Winter’s Tale), a cello for Juliet…