Some Concept Art


These are just concepts, but I think they’re quite beautiful.  They’re mixed media – fabric and paper, overpainted (is that a correct term? I’m not an artist, so I don’t really know these things) and then lyrics added in Photoshop.  Great job, Sohyun!

Concept art with lyrics

So what you have to imagine is that in an interactive environment, you would touch Juliet and she would say,

What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet…


La Basilique du Sacré Coeur and Falstaff

Spent the afternoon sitting in the Square Louise Michel, that hilly garden with steps leading up to the Sacré Coeur, the hot sun streaming down the back of my neck, writing a new song by Falstaff called “Dirty Laundry.”  It’s basically about playing hide and seek, hiding in a laundry basket, and finding yourself among the kind of dirty clothes and disgusting smells whose descriptions never fail to delight small children.  Writing about stinky socks and greasy napkins and soiled underwear made me think of The Twits.

First Compositions

We’ve been making some initial recordings of some of the songs.  Garageband on the iMac will do for now.  We’ve come up with a really cool concept for the arrangements.  Although the songs themselves are ‘popular’ in feel (they are like lullabies, or ballads, or jaunty pop songs), we’re using lutes and harpsichords here and there to give them a little Elizabethan feel.  It’s working nicely.  Also, instruments are chosen to represent not only the mood of the song, but also the ‘character’ of the character singing – fanfare trumpets for Henry V, a little music box sound for little Perdita (from The Winter’s Tale), a cello for Juliet…

Progress Report

Working deep into the night last night, compiled and organised enough material for 11-12 whole books.  We are now considering 10 pieces per book, so this involves a bit of a reshuffle.  Work’s going very well!

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Progress Report

Just a note to say that out of the initial batch of 20+ pieces, 11 are presently past the 1st draft stage.  Seven have been begun, and the remaining six are not past the conceptual stage.

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